Ballistic Parachute System
for Rapid Drone Parachute Deployment

The Peregrine UAV is a completely integrated ballistic parachute system designed for all types of drones, fixed wing drones, multicopters, UAVs and other aerospace recovery applications.

This combined ballistic recovery system features unmatched light weight combined with high-performance CO2 ejection. By using high-strength SLS nylon printed components with our lightweight IFC-120-SUL parachute, the complete system weight (including the CO2 release) totals at 1kg!

A User-Friendly Ballistic Parachute System

The system consists of a modular carbon fiber canister that can be supplied pre-packed with a parachute - either the Iris Ultralight or Iris Ultra Compact parachute, a base for the canister, and the Hawk CO2 release valve. Designed to be a user-friendly ballistic recovery system, the Peregrine UAV’s canister is conveniently attached to the base unit with a simple twist lock, and the parachute can be easily repacked into the canister. User guides and tutorials with helpful tips on repacking can be found on our website.

A Drone Parachute System with Rapid CO2 Deployment

Both types of Peregrine UAV systems (the Light and Ultralight) are paired with the Hawk CO2 Release: a CO2 parachute deployment system that allows for high-speed drone parachute ejection without the use of pyro consumables.

The CO2 parachute deployment system uses a standard 1/2" or 3/8" threaded CO2 cartridge, which are available worldwide as well as readily stocked with our drone parachute accessories for CO2 systems. To initiate deployment, an RC plane compatible servo triggers the CO2 release, which pressurizes the canister to rapidly deploy the parachute.

Variety of Ballistic Parachute Sizes - All Lightweight and Compact

To accommodate a wide range of ballistic parachute sizes, the Peregrine UAV comes in three basic unit sizes: 4”, 5” and 6” diameters. All systems use the same 4" diameter base plate and CO2 actuator valve.

All units include the highly compact Iris Ultralight parachute or the Iris Ultra Compact parachute. The Iris Ultralight features ultralight Spectra shroud lines and custom-made, lightweight nylon fabric - 30% lighter than standard nylon! This makes the ultralight ballistic parachute ideal for applications requiring a lightweight solution, while the compact parachute is optimal for applications requiring high-strength solutions.

Facilitating Efficiency with Multiple Ballistic Parachute Systems

Multiple canisters and ballistic parachutes can be employed during onsite operations, allowing the parachute to be replaced quickly. This negates any need to repack in the field, thereby saving time and expediting processes while onsite. The parachute can later be reloaded into the canister at your facility.

The parachute is complimentarily pre-loaded into the canister with the first purchase of a Peregrine UAV system. To have all systems pre-loaded in future orders, please contact us for a quote.

How to Order Your Ballistic Parachute System

The Peregrine UAV Light and Ultralight Ballistic Recovery Systems are available now. More information on our selection of ballistic recovery systems can be found in our webstore. If you have any questions or need pricing for a non-standard order, please contact us.

All photos were provided by Fruity Chutes. Photos of onsite flight operations were taken at NIAS: the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems.

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