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TARC Parachutes - Versatile, Compact, Strong, Lowcost

These parachutes were originally designed for TARC competitions. They are also excellent for low and mid-power use, or even as high power drogues or pilot parachutes. Made using 400lb Spectra shroud lines, TARC parachutes are very strong, lightweight, versatile, and - better yet - low cost. TARC parachutes are also used in the Fixed Wing Recovery Bundles for the pilot parachute.

Team America Rocketry Challenge - TARC

For TARC competitions, the parachutes are sized precisely for your team with sizes ranging from 16" to 24". We also carry 15" if TARC rules call for this size. Team America Rocketry Challenge has exacting parachute requirements, so we developed this line of parachutes specially for this challenge. Our TARC parachutes meet the challenge requirements while serving as high quality products that are both small and compact for other low to mid power projects.

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TARC parachutes feature:

  • Precise sizes for your team requirements. Reef the parachute for even better control.
  • Large spill hole for high stability - about 10% of parachute total area.
  • All parachutes have a 6 gore elliptical shape for efficiency.
  • 400lb Spectra shroud lines.
  • Sizes available from 16" to 24" at 2" increments (15" available as well).
  • TARC parachutes come with the bridal optional, letting your team attach the parachute how they want.
  • All the quality you expect from Fruity Chutes!

Size Chart

Size (Diameter) Spill Hole Size (10% area) Shroud Length (6 lines) Click For More Information
16" 5" 18" TARC-16
18" 5.7" 20.25" TARC-18
20" 6.3" 22.5" TARC-20
24" 7.6" 27" TARC-24

See how to use RockSim to simulate your parachute here. Be sure to use the correct spill hole size, shroud line length and number. Set the shape to round. Remember that Fruity Chutes are much more efficient than flat sheet parachutes with a Cd of 1.5.

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