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World Class Parachute Recovery
for Rockets, Drones, UAV, Research, and More

The Fruity Chutes Iris Ultra parachutes are the ideal parachute recovery system for rockets, drones, UAV, UAS and RPV. Your aircraft or rocket parachute recovery would benefit from our combined unmatched performance, small packing volume and light weight. The Iris Ultra parachutes feature an annular shape which results in a Cd (coefficient of drag) of at least 2.2 or more! This means you can use a smaller, lighter parachute and save space in your UAV for payload capacity. All of our parachutes feature:

  • Lightweight 1.1oz mil-spec calendered ripstop nylon - makes parachutes more compact and lightweight.
  • Ellipsoid design - flattened hemisphere, considered optimal for high drag and minimum material and weight.
  • New Iris Ultra features an ultra high drag Cd of 2.2! Choose a smaller sized parachute for your project.
  • Sizes from 12" drogues up to 16' monsters available.
  • Strong nylon bridle and swivel sized to your parachute - up to 6000 lb test or more.
  • Your choice of colors and patterns.
  • All seams are handsewn and double stitched.
  • High-power application parachutes have additional reinforcements.
  • Up to 400lb IIIa Paraline shroud lines for standard high-power rocket parachutes. Compact parachutes use Spectra shroud lines and bridles for drones, UAVs or rockets.
  • You choose what other options you want, let us know, and we'll make it for you.

Total Recovery Solution: In addition to exceptional parachutes, we also make and carry everything else you need for successful recovery of your project. This includes:

  • Deployment Bags
  • Parachute Liners
  • Nomex Blankets
  • Peregrine Integrated CO2 Deployment System
  • Nylon Shock Cords and Kevlar Harnesses
  • Recovery Tethers
  • Altimeters and Electronics

Let us be your one-stop shop for all your recovery needs!

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