How to Get to the Aeropac Launch Site

Here are some tips to help rocketry enthusiasts navigate to the launch site using GPS coordinates. The directions below begin after first arriving in Gerlach, NV, USA, from which point you can use the GPS coordinates to get to the launch site. Below are the GPS waypoints that will help guide you to the site:

Gerlach NV - 40° 39.127'N 119° 21.363'W – Use Google maps or other navigation to get here first. After, use Nevada country road 34 to get to the 12 mile playa entrance. 

12 MI Entrance - 40° 46.334'N 119° 15.756'W - This is the best entrance to use to get to the site. Drive straight in and toward northeast. There is a bumpy intersection that goes to the Burning Man site; do NOT turn right here. The road will continue about 1 mile in and start a gentle bend toward north-northeast. This takes us to the next waypoint 1.4mi in.

West Road Bend - 40° 47.108'N 119° 14.524'W - This is the center of the bend toward north-northeast. After this point, it will straighten out and you drive to the next point 3.5 mi northeast.

Turn East to the Launch Site - 40° 49.572'N 119° 12.167'W - Here you should reach the location where you can see a double pylon marker just down the road and a tire (unless someone has taken it since creating these directions). At this point, we drive toward northeast for 5.8 miles, directly to the Aeropac location. 

Aeropac Launch Site - 40° 52.241'N 119° 6.417'W - When you get out there, the site should be close to this point depending on the local playa conditions. The site will easily be within view.


Path from Gerlach to 12 mi entrance


Path from 12 mi entrance to the launch site

Other resources:

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