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Who We Are

Fruity Chutes is a world leader in the manufacturing of parachute recovery systems for Drones, Multicopters, UAV, RC Aircraft, Quadcopter, and Rocket parachute recovery. We provide parachute recovery systems to many of the top UAS manufacturers including Fortem Technologies, AAI Textron, Quest UAV, Silent Falcon, Aeromao, Zipline, Matternet and more. Other customers who use our products include Space X, Google, Intel, NASA, MIT and Boeing. Many US and EU aerospace companies are working with our products and integrating them into their UAS products. Our top priority is to work with manufacturers and help provide them with our world class recovery systems.

How We Started

Fruity Chutes started in 2007, and at that time, our primary market was providing parachutes and other related products to the Rocketry community. You can read our Original About Us page and learn how we got the memorable name and our colorful logo. It's a good story, and we preserved it so we don't forget how we began.

Since then, we have had tremendous growth, doubling business year over year. Starting around 2009, we began to sell our parachute systems into the (then very young) UAS market to research projects and manufactures. In 2010, we began to look at how we could tune our products for the UAS market. The biggest change was the development introduction of the Iris Ultra line of chutes in 2011. These featured a much higher Cd than conical or elliptical chutes and allows a smaller, lighter weight chute to be used on a given recovery load. In 2012, we began to have our own custom made Spectra used for the shroud lines and other harnesses and rigging. This further lightened our parachutes with no decrease in strength, and it allowed us to take a clear lead in recovery technology - especially the weight sensitive UAS recovery market.

We continue to strive to better serve our customers with innovative products. We provide not only parachutes, but complete deployment systems including CO2 activated parachute systems. We have multiple product lines specifically designed for various UAS systems including fixed wing, multi-rotor, as well as rocketry and other research applications.

Facts about Fruity Chutes

  • Founded October 2007
  • Incorporated 2012
  • Shipped over 6000 Parachute Systems
  • Approximately 3000 Customers
  • 200+ Corporate Customers
  • Began building UAS specialized products in 2009
  • 95+% US Materials, 100% US Manufacturing

Products Manufactured and Offered

  • Iris Ultra Chutes (Annular)
  • Classic Fruity Chutes (Elliptical)
  • TARC Chutes (Light Elliptical)
  • Cruciform (High Speed Drogue)
  • Fixed Wing UAS Recovery Bundle
  • Multirotor Recovery Bundle
  • Peregrine IDS CO2 Deployment System
  • Sentinel Deployment System
  • Skycat Parachute Launcher
  • Deployment Bags
  • Shock cords – Nylon, Kevlar, Spectra
  • Attachment Harnesses - Nylon, Kevlar, Spectra
  • Links, Swivels, Hardware
  • Recovery Tethers
  • Line and Reefing Cutters
  • Electronics

Contact Us

Phone: (855) 462-4883
Email: info@fruitychutes.com
Web: http://fruitychutes.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fruitychutes
Twitter: @fruitychutes
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